AQUA TOUCH Desensibilizing Anal Jelly - Syringue - 15g
AQUA TOUCH Desensibilizing Anal Jelly - Syringue - 15g

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Aquaflow jelly is a sterile aqueous product that contains a local anesthetic and antiseptic agent which is used when putting a tube or instrument into a body cavity.

While lubricating to make the process smooth.

Water based sterile desensitizing gel
Perfect for (urethral) sounding or anal play
Available in 6 ml. and 11 ml. injection
How to use?

The gel is available in two sizes - 6ml and 11ml.

Usually the complete contents of the size suitable for the procedure will be used.

The syringe is removed from its sterile package by tearing off the backing paper. Before removing the blue cap from the end of the syringe, free the plunger by gently pressing it.

Remove the cap. Insert the nozzle into the opening of the area to be anaesthetized and press the plunger slowly to push out the gel.
Consummable Hygiene : Lubrificant (x 1)
Type:Gel - Forme:syringue - Composition:Water based - Volume:11 ml
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